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A TALE of TWO copywriters.



You’ve got a great product.
Excellent customer service.
And a fancy website.

But something is missing.
Things aren’t flying like you hoped.

If that’s you (or you want it avoid it being you), it’s time to hire a better copywriter.



How to choose a better copywriter

There are two types of copywriter: grammar pedants and commercial copywriters.

The English teachers masquerading as copywriters get zero repeat business.
And consistently misplace the page in the dictionary describing ‘objective’.
That’s why they’re cheap.

They wax lyrical about the proper usage of the Oxford comma.
Yet they’re unable to alter their style and tone to suit your audience.
Usually, because their self-esteem won’t allow a more colloquial term in place of that ego-massaging ‘bells and whistles’ word.
Say hello to abysmal product salesway below your forecast.
Content that falls on deaf ears.

And a big old hole in your marketing budget, with nothing to show for itif you keep throwing good money after bad.

Marketing with words is so much more than putting one big word in front of the other.
You need an idea. A theme. 
Words laced with everything your brand stands for.
And you want words with purpose, not pomp and circumstance. Right? 

Commercial copywriterslike me, use emotion and powerful, persuasion techniques to empower readers.
Carefully selecting style and tone combinations that compel them to ‘
choose‘ your products/services.

Words that gain trust.
Instil confidence.
And position you above the competition.

So, that ‘wordsmith‘ that prints and frames the prose he wrote for every piss-poor, under-performing campaign he’s worked on is highly unlikely to help you reach ambitious sales targets. Even if he can work in the word ‘paromologia’.



the antithesis of your high school english teacher.



Hi, I’m Francesca 

I’m a freelance Copywriter. And a brand strategist. 

I have over 20 years of ad agency and in-house experience working for brands like: DFDS Seaways, Tesco, TUI, Disney Consumer Products and British Aerospace. 

Experience has has given me a sixth sense for what works; I understand human behaviour and how it influences action. And I’ve developed a natural eye for designto judge how words and images work in tandem. But as David Ogilvy said, 

Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop working“.  

Knowledge and natural empathy guide my work. But I back that up with science and data; user experience mapping and split testing. This approach helps me model thoughtful copy that delivers better returns on your marketing investment.

The words I produce are grammatically impeccable.
But I work even harder to make sure they’re fit for purpose and more persuasive, too. 

I avoid grammar sermons at all costs.
And instead, help you create a unique and engaging tone of voice that communicates your brand proposition. 

Wildly creative with a detailed and disciplined eye.
I invest my heart and soul into every single syllable of copy I write.

If you’re an ambitious brandthat wants to start strong, or an established business with copy that isn’t delivering; Hire me now to tell your brand story and drive more sales. 


Happy Clients

Francesca never fails to deliver results that exceed our expectations. She has exceptionally high levels of creativity and flair, and yet also manages to always deliver on time and within budget.”

No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, image, logic and promise.

– Eugene Schwartz 

want me to write for you?  

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