copywriting 2.0 

copywriting that does more than it says on the tin.


How much money have you wasted on copy that has zero impact?

Dave “the wordsmith” Jones has a degree in English Language.

He knows all the best hipster coffee shops; There he is in the window looking all intellectual and arty.

But what you realise (when he’s spent your budget) is,

“You don’t have the first clue how to get anyone to do anything, do you, Dave?”

Copywriting, for him, is a lifestyle choice. Not a profession.


Everyone isn’t a copywriter 

I’m old enough to have worked in the ad industry before the internet was even a thing. 

I’m not a chancer, calling myself a copywriter, blogging from a beach in Bali (although, travel companies: hit me up). 

I understand psychology: persuasion and the theory of marketing. 

I get 80% of my work from repeat business and recommendations. 

Why? Because I refuse to rattle off pointless words to fill space, for anybody.

And I deliver better outcomes.

If there isn’t a business case for blogging, don’t blog.

If you haven’t got anything interesting to say, don’t say anything at all.

It’s copywriting, but not as you know it, Jim.

It’s backed by joined-up commercial thinking and 20+ years of on-the-job experience.

do you want more? 

When I started freelance copywriting, clients used to tell me I was “too bold”, “too dramatic”.

My ability to make readers “feel things” made them feel uneasy.

Now, I work with better clients.

The brave ones. 

The disrupters.

They want:

  • Brand copy by someone who knows the difference between a logo and a brand.
  • Advertising copy that makes people do things.
  • Website copy that does way more than fill space. 
  • Blog posts that don’t bore the pants off you. 


And they don’t want to pay twice.

The question is not: is it right. It’s will it be noticed?

– Dave Trott 

want me to write for you?  

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